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Pregnancy outcomes in the recurrent miscarriage clinic: an observational study
  1. L Cheung,
  2. R Darnell,
  3. J Shillito
  1. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK


Objective To audit pregnancy outcomes in the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St James' University Hospital, Leeds.

Methods Retrospective and prospective study of patients of the recurrent spontaneous abortion clinic (n=100). Patients with primary or secondary recurrent spontaneous abortion were included. The outcome of each patient was recorded, where a successful outcome was defined as reaching 12 weeks gestation. Pertinent patient factors (age, body mass index (BMI), ethnicity, obstetric history, positive investigations and intervention received) were also recorded. The overall success rate was measured and the effect of different patient factors on the outcome was compared.

Outcomes The overall success rate was 61%, with the highest success rates evident in the ‘under 20’ age group. Success rates decreased with increasing age. There was no significant difference in success rates between patients with primary and secondary recurrent spontaneous abortion. Obesity also had no significant effect with similar success rates among patients with a normal BMI and those that were obese. Analysis of interventions revealed that patients receiving supportive care only achieved the highest success rates, with 74% of women reaching 12 weeks gestation. There were no successful outcomes in women receiving steroid treatment.

Conclusion These results highlight the important factors that affect pregnancy outcome in recurrent spontaneous abortion patients (i.e., age and intervention). The ultimate aim would be to collect further data in order to create a system that would allow patient demographics and obstetric history to be entered and a prognosis produced in return. This would enhance the patient experience and aid them in their pregnancy-related decisions.

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