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Survey of maternal satisfaction with the anaesthetic antenatal clinic
  1. K Jovestani,
  2. D J A Rose,
  3. C E Calow
  1. Department of Anaesthesia, East Lancashire NHS Trust, Blackburn, UK


Introduction The OAA/AAGBI have made recommendations regarding antenatal assessment,1 As a result, anaesthetic antenatal clinics are widely established. The benefit to the anaesthetists of seeing the woman antenatally is well perceived but do the patients appreciate the value of this service?

Methods Expectant mothers were seen at the anaesthetic antenatal clinics run by two consultant anaesthetists. During this clinic, written consent was obtained for 2 follow-up calls from 56 mothers. The first telephone call was planned to be 1 week after their clinic appointment and the second, 2 weeks postdelivery. The participants were called and a set of questions asked from a proforma.

Results Antenatally, 82% (40) of the mothers understood why they had been referred to the clinic. 90% (44) felt they received a good explanation of the anaesthetic choices available. 94% (46) recommended that other women with the same condition were seen in the clinic.

Postnatally, 89% (47) agreed the advice they had received was very useful with the remainder finding it slightly useful and nobody finding it no use. 94% (50) felt postnatally that it had been worth attending the clinic. 98% (52) recommended that women with the same condition were seen in the anaesthetic antenatal clinic.

Discussion Maternal satisfaction with the anaesthetic antenatal clinic was very high. Mothers understood the reasons for attending and were able to make plans for their forthcoming labour. This satisfaction was maintained postpartum and mothers felt that it was a useful service for others with similar high-risk pregnancies.

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