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The effects of electromagnetic field on follicle in rat (a light microscopic study)
  1. AA Khaki1,2
  1. 1National Public Health Management Center (NPMC), Tabriz, Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. 2Islamic Azad University, Bonab branch, Bonab, Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran


Background With the increase in modern technology, many industrial and household appliances, which the authors take for granted to be safe expose the public to magnetic fields. Various studies using rodents as experimental models have attempted to elucidate the reproductive toxic effects of exposure to weak magnetic fields and the results have been found to be rather contradictory. During the last decade genicular systems have been extensively studied and their vital importance for normal function is generally accepted and established their role in their regulation for spermatogenesis and ovogenesis.

Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of Electromagnetic field (EMF) on in vitro rat postnatal ovary development.

Materials and Methods A total of 40 male and 40 female Wistar rats (about 15-week old) procured from animal house were used for the study. Females were observed for the sign of pregnancy that is, vaginal plugging on the next day. Of the 40 breeding female rats, 30 rats at random were selected for exposure to EMF as experimental group and 10 as control group (unexposed).

Result It showed heterochromatism and condensation of oocyte cell nucleus. Depopulation of follicles was seen. The empty spaces between the follicles.

Conclusion The results suggest that EMF exposure causes profound changes in the ovary on long term exposure it could result in irreversible damage which may lead to sub fertility. It is suggested that long term exposure should be avoided.

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