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A retrospective review of amniocentesis audits performed at Stepping Hill Hospital 2002–2008
  1. C Amoah,
  2. GL Stephen,
  3. M Kamran
  1. Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK


Amniocentesis is an invasive obstetric procedure that allows chromosomal analysis of the fetus to give couples the option of terminating genetically abnormal pregnancies. However, due to the risks of the procedure, there is often a great deal of anxiety over accepting the offer of amniocentesis.

The authors have amalgamated results of three separate audits undertaken at our hospital. This was performed retrospectively between 2002 and 2008, involving a total of 678 procedures. As such the authors have data concerning the presence of written consent (95%), the use of u/s guidance (96.4%), single tap procedures (91.1%), the number of transplacental amniocentesis (27%), success of culture (99.7%), spontaneous abortion (0.93%) and also mean scores for maternal perception of pain. The authors also have data on the outcomes of pregnancies in which amniocentesis has been performed in the pregnancy, such as fetal anomalies at birth, complications of the third stage and mode of delivery.

Due to the large numbers involved with this audit, the authors believe the authors are therefore able to offer women contemplating this procedure at our unit realistic and relevant information on outcomes.

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