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Feasibility and accuracy of a 2 min obstetric ultrasound examination in comparison to conventional obstetric scanning
  1. S Ahmed,
  2. G Burke,
  3. J Slevin
  1. Llimerick Maternity Hospital, Limerick, Ireland


Aim To detect the feasibility and accuracy of fetal assessment scans limited to 2 min of scanning time.

Method 50 randomly selected patients beyond the second trimester underwent a conventional fetal growth scan by three obstetric ultrasonographers and two fetal medicine specialists. All the information obtained within the first 2 min were recorded. Data included fetal presentation, biometry (a single measurement of each variable), placental site, deepest vertical pool, fetal heart activity, movements and the umbilical artery SD ratio. A conventional scan followed with calculation of the mean of each biometric variable. The differences between the two scans data were calculated using Wilcoxon's signed rank test (SPSS 17).

Results Examination was completed within the 2 min time frame in 42 ladies (84%). There was no significant difference at the 5% cut-off between the data collected in 2 min compared to the conventional assessment.

Conclusion A great deal of reliable information about the fetus is obtainable in only 2 min of scanning by experienced personnel. This might for allow turn-around times between patients of less than 10 min, with major implications for access and cost. There is considerable scope for more research to include assessment of the quality of communication and patients' satisfaction.

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