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A trial of spontaneous breathing to determine the readiness for extubation in very low birth weight infants: a prospective evaluation
  1. C O F Kamlin1,
  2. P G Davis1,2,
  3. B Argus1,
  4. B Mills1,
  5. C J Morley1,2,3
  1. 1
    Division of Newborn Services, Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
  2. 2
    University of Melbourne, Australia
  3. 3
    Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia
  1. Dr C O F Kamlin, Division of Newborn Services, Royal Women’s Hospital, 132 Grattan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia; omar.kamlin{at}


Extubation failure in premature infants is common. A spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) was prospectively evaluated to determine timing of extubation. Compared with historical controls, infants were extubated at significantly higher ventilator rates and airway pressures using the SBT. No differences in rates of bronchopulmonary dysplasia or duration of ventilation were seen.

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  • Funding: COFK is supported by a research scholarship from the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne and PGD is supported by an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council practitioner fellowship.

  • Competing interests: None.

  • Ethics approval: Approved by the human research and ethics committees of The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia