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Practical neonatal endocrinology
  1. Katie Malbon

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Edited by Amanda Ogilvy-Stuart and Paula Midgley. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2006, £35.00 (paperback), pp 228. ISBN 0-5218-3849-5.

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Interpretation of endocrine function in the newborn period can be difficult, and it is often an area of confusion. This book certainly clears the muddy waters. It offers concise and practical guidelines, and acts as a handbook with a hands-on, how-to approach.

The book itself is small and thin, and therefore not daunting. Unfortunately, the cover is somewhat unexciting and offers the only, if slightly mundane, photographs. The layout inside the book cannot be faulted. Each chapter covers a different endocrine problem. There are 25 of these in total, and they …

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