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Fanaroff and Martin’s neonatal-perinatal medicine diseases of the fetus and infant, 8th edn, Vols I and II
  1. G C Millman

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    Edited by Richard J Martin, Avroy A Fanaroff, Michele C Walsh. Elsevier: Published by Elsevier Mosby, 2006, £158.00 (hardback), pp 1820 (intrauterine growth retardation). ISBN 0-323-02966-3

    Having formally accepted the invitation to review this new edition, which, I have to confess, had never been one of my favoured texts on neonatology (always favouring the UK books), I noticed the fact that the title included the term volumes 1 and 2. Oh dear! I had also forgotten the impending major football event in Germany, which was sure to fill my spare moments more readily than what I was now expecting to be an extremely detailed American textbook. This would appear not to be the “grab from the shelf” pocket handbooks that seem to be increasingly popular on special care baby units but …

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