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Neonatal long lines: localisation with conventional radiography using a horizontal beam technique
  1. T M Berger,
  2. M Stocker,
  3. J Caduff
  1. Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Hospital of Lucerne, CH-6000 Lucerne, Switzerland;

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    Neonatal long lines have improved our ability to care for extremely low birthweight infants. Unfortunately, the use of these catheters is not without risk. Apart from catheter associated infections, potentially serious—for example, pleural effusion, arrhythmia—and even life threatening—for example, cardiac tamponade—complications can occur when these lines are malpositioned.1 In a recent issue of this journal, De and Imam2 presented the case of a preterm infant in whom a long line had inadvertently been placed into the left ascending lumbar vein. When such catheters enter the …

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