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Single daily dose aminoglycosides in the neonatal period appear to be effective: but are they safe?
  1. P M Loughnan
  1. Department of Neonatology, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Flemington Road, Parkville 3052, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia;

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    A recent article by Nestaas et al1 deserves comment. This meta-analysis attempts to evaluate the relative efficacy and toxicity of extended interval dosing (EID) compared with traditional dosing (TD) of aminoglycosides administered to newborn infants. The conclusion of the analysis was that “extended interval dosing of aminoglycosides in neonates is safe and effective, with a reduced risk of serum drug concentrations outside the therapeutic range”.

    This interpretation of the data presented can be questioned on several grounds. Even with meta-analysis, the number of reported treatment failures (two in the TD group, none in the EID group from a total of 555 patients) …

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