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Neonatal respiratory disorders, 2nd edn
  1. K McCormick

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    Edited by A Greenough, A D Milner. Published by Arnold, 2003, £115.00 (hardback), pp 533. ISBN 0340808136

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    The title of this second edition should be borne in mind by prospective readers. Those looking for a manual of respiratory care in the wee small hours should look elsewhere. Instead, Greenough and Milner have set themselves the more ambitious task of recording current expert opinion on the causes, management, and outcomes of respiratory disorders affecting the newborn. To achieve this, the editors have drawn on the expertise of those researchers around the world who are recognised leaders in this field and have allowed them a refreshing degree of freedom in expressing their opinions. Herein lies the strength of this text.

    The 15 contributors from the first edition have expanded to more than 40. There is far greater …

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