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Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita
  1. P Manikoth,
  2. P A K Nair,
  3. M G Pai,
  4. M A A Ajmi
  1. Special Care Baby Unit, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman;

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    A baby boy born to non-consanguineous parents showed skin lesions of generalised persistent cutis marmorata, dilated superficial veins, and telangiectasia involving the limbs, trunk, and scalp (fig 1). The lesions spared the palms and soles, and systemic examination was normal. An ultrasonogram of the head and abdomen and echocardiogram of the heart were normal.

    Figure 1

     Photograph showing generalised cutis marmorata, dilated superficial veins, and telangiectasia involving the trunk and limbs. Consent for this figure was obtained from the patient’s parents.

    Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita1 is a rare benign sporadic congenital vascular anomaly characterised by persistent cutis marmorata, telangiectasia, and phlebectasia and often associated with skin atrophy and ulceration.2 The cutaneous lesions commonly occur on the legs, arms, and trunk and rarely involve the face and scalp. Associated abnormalities such as body asymmetry, vascular and neurological anomalies, glaucoma, macrocephaly, and psychomotor retardation occur in many patients. The diagnosis is mainly clinical, and prognosis is generally good, with cutaneous lesions improving during infancy. There is no specific treatment, and long term follow up is indicated with associated abnormalities.


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    • Constent for figure 1 was obtained from the patient’s parents.

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