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Intravenous propacetamol overdose in a term newborn
  1. A de la Pintiére,
  2. A Beuchée,
  3. P E Bétrémieux
  1. Unité de réanimation néonatale et pédiatrique, Pavillon Lechartier CHU Pontchaillou, Rennes 35033, France;

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    Following a prescribing error, a term female infant was given two intravenous doses of 900 mg propacetamol (307 mg/kg/dose) at 6 hour intervals, which is 10 times the routine dose used in our unit (120 mg/kg/day, 30 mg/kg/dose). When the error was noted, immediately after the second dose, the plasma paracetamol level was 165.8 mg/l. N-Acetylcysteine was …

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