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Percutaneous endovascular catheter aspiration thrombectomy of severe superior vena cava syndrome
  1. M Ries1,
  2. M Zenker1,
  3. M Girisch1,
  4. J Klinge1,
  5. H Singer2
  1. 1Division of Neonatology, University Hospital for Children and Adolescents, Loschgestrasse 15, 91054 Erlangen, Germany
  2. 2Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital for Children and Adolescents
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr M Ries, Klinik für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin, Bismarckstrasse 23, 87700 Memmingen, Germany;


We report a combined percutaneous endovascular approach, including thrombus aspiration and catheter directed local thrombolysis, followed by systemic thrombolytic therapy to treat severe superior vena cava syndrome in a 2½12 week old infant. This procedure was performed on the fifth postoperative day after major surgery. No treatment complications were observed. The only predisposing condition for thrombosis was a central venous line. No other acquired or genetic risk factors for thrombosis could be found.

  • percutaneous endovascular catheter aspiration thrombectomy
  • superior vena cava syndrome
  • thrombolytic therapy
  • CVL, central venous line
  • LMWH, low molecular weight heparin
  • rt-PA, recombinant tissue type plasminogen activator
  • UFH, unfractionated heparin

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