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  1. Harvey Marcovitch, Editor in Chief

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    We are devastated to inform our readers of the death from lymphoma of our associate editor (and de facto editor of Fetal and Neonatal), Dr Peter Hope.

    Peter was an Oxford neonatologist, greatly respected locally, nationally, and internationally. He was a great clinician, gifted researcher, admired teacher, first-rate editor, formidable rugby football player, and a witty and lively companion.

    I worked in a small hospital 40 km from Peter's base. I do not have adequate words to describe the sense of relief when his giant presence burst through the doors of our maternity unit to take over from my fumbling attempts to resuscitate an unexpected 25 week gestation fetus. Nor the sense of amazement as he threaded a peripheral arterial line into a baby whose whole body nestled easily in one of his hands.

    We will miss him.