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Use of the black area on the tubetip for rapid estimation of insertional depth of endotracheal tubes in neonates: a potential hazard
  1. Neonatologist
  2. Department of Pediatrics
  3. Division of Neonatology
  4. University Hospital Groningen
  5. PO Box 30001, 9700 RB Groningen
  6. Netherlands

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Editor—I would like to report on a premature neonate who was intubated unilaterally as a result of improper use of the black area at the endotracheal tubetip.

At 29 weeks gestational age, a 1020 g boy was born by emergency caesarean section to a mother who presented with preeclampsia. He was intubated immediately for signs of severe respiratory distress with a 3.0 mm ID tube via the nasotracheal route by the resident on call. The black area of the tube was inserted full length through the vocal cords with the upper rim positioned at the level of …

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