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Time of closure of ductus venosus in term and preterm neonates


AIM To investigate the relation between gestational age, birth weight, and antenatal corticosteroid administration and the time of ductus venosus closure.

METHODS Ninety eight neonates of 30–41 weeks gestational age were studied by daily ultrasonography until ductus venosus closure.

RESULTS In neonates of 30–33 weeks gestational age, the ductus venosus closed at 6.0 (2.4)days (mean (SD)); in those of 34–36 weeks gestational age, it closed at 6.1 (2.8) days; and in those of 37–41 weeks gestational age, it closed at 4.2 (2.1) days. The effect of antenatal administration of corticosteroids on the time of closure was also investigated in neonates of 30–34 weeks gestational age. Closure occurred by 5.5 (2.4) days in the group given corticosteroids compared with 7.5 (2.1) days in the remainder.

CONCLUSIONS The ductus venosus closed sooner after birth in neonates of greater gestational age or higher birth weight. Antenatal corticosteroid administration had a significant effect in promoting closure.

  • ductus venosus closure
  • antenatal corticosteroids
  • gestational age
  • birth weight

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