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  1. JANET RENNIE, Deputy Editor

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Test your cranial ultrasound interpretation skills on the web

Cranial ultrasound is now well established in neonatal units as a tool for monitoring the prevalence of intracranial lesions, timing injury, and investigating babies with abnormal neurology. Just when you thought the method was so easy that it was safe to let the trainees perform cranial ultrasound, the Hammersmith team (page 92) show that you are wrong. A welcome feature of this article is that you can privately test your own skills without fear of exposure. All the images used in this audit, and the correct answers, can be found on theArchives website ( The results of the survey were alarming, with only about a half of the answers correct. There was a low response rate from consultants, an observation open to interpretation. The authors acknowledge that reporting from a single isolated image is more difficult than from a set of images or a videotape. Nevertheless, this …

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