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The Patient's Tale
  1. M K DAVIES, Consultant Cardiologist
  1. A J MAYNE, Consultant Paediatrician
  1. Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, UK
  2. Sandwell Hospital, Birmingham, UK

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Each month during 1999 the Royal Mail issued a set of four stamps to celebrate the millennium. Each issue has a theme or historical “tale” including the Inventor's Tale (January 1999), the Worker's Tale (May), and the Scientist's Tale (August). Four stamps appeared on 2 March 1999 for the Patient's Tale. The 20 p value marked Edward Jenner's achievements in vaccination, the 26 p value nursing care, and the 43 p value Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin. The highest value in the set and number 37 in the series of 48 is illustrated and commemorates the developments leading to the test tube baby.