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Arterial oxygen saturation profiles in healthy preterm infants


AIM To construct a reference range of SpO2 values in healthy preterm infants using a simple data logging device.

METHODS Thirty three healthy preterm infants were monitored for a continuous period of 4 hours at rest using an Ohmeda Biox 3700 E Pulse Oximeter and an electronic data logger (Rustrack Ranger). Stored data were downloaded and saved as individual files on a personal computer.

RESULTS The study group median and 5th and 95th percentiles were used to construct a cumulative frequency curve of time against SpO2 value, representing the normal reference range of SpO2 profiles in healthy preterm infants.

CONCLUSION Comparison of an infant’s SpO2 profile against this curve may be more helpful in guiding supplemental oxygen treatment in that individual than a figure for a mean SPO2 and its standard deviation.

  • oxygen saturation
  • data logging device

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