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Enteral yeast–selenium supplementation in preterm infants


AIM To study the bioavailability of selenium enriched yeast in preterm infants living in a low selenium area (Hungary).

METHODS Thirty six preterm infants were randomly assigned to two groups at birth with respect to selenium supplementation. In the supplemented group (n=18) infants received 4.8 mg of selenium enriched yeast containing 5 μg selenium daily.

RESULTS In the supplemented group the serum selenium concentration increased from 36.1(±12.8) μg/l to 43.5 (7.9) μg/l and in the non-supplemented group it decreased from 34.4 (20.4) μg/l to 26.1 (16.6) μg/l from birth in two weeks. No complications or side effects as a result of supplementation were observed.

CONCLUSIONS Selenium enriched yeast is a safe and an effective form of short term enteral selenium supplementation for preterm infants.

  • selenium
  • deficiency
  • supplementation
  • preterm infant

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