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The battle with scurvy
  1. Neonatal Unit
  2. Clarendon Wing
  3. The General Infirmary at Leeds
  4. Belmont Grove
  5. Leeds LS2 9NS

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    Editor—Professor Dunn gives a fascinating account of James Lind and scurvy.1 The official weekly provisions for a sailor in Lind’s time consisted of 7 lb of biscuits, 7 gallons beer, 4 lb of beef, 2 lb of pork, 2 pints of pease, 3 pints of oatmeal, 8 oz of butter and 12 oz of cheese.2 Lind considered this to be a “fuller and more wholesome diet” than that provided for seamen of other nations, although it appears to have been designed for cheapness and durability rather than nutritional balance. As well as recommending oranges and lemons at sea, Lind also suggested spruce beer, portable soup (probably the first ever “instant” soup), raw onions, salted …

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