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Feasibility of using finger arterial pressure in neonates
  1. Emmanuel Drouina,
  2. Véronique Gournaya,
  3. Jean Calamelb,
  4. Alain Mouzardc,
  5. Jean-Christophe Rozéa
  1. aDepartment of Neonatology, Hôpital Universitaire de Nantes, France, bDepartment of Physiology, cDepartment of Paediatrics, “Centre de Référence mort subite du nourrisson”
  1. Professor Jean-Christophe Rozé, Department of Neonatology, Hôpital Mère Enfant, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes, 10 quai Moncousu, 44035 Nantes, France.


The feasibility of using a Finapres device to reproduce the beat to beat signal of arterial blood pressure in eight neonates was assessed and compared with intra-arterial measurement of arterial blood pressure in the umbilical artery, using a catheter. The two methods gave similar results. Continuous recording of arterial blood pressure in neonates using Finapres is feasible and reliable.

  • blood pressure monitoring
  • Finapres
  • umbilical artery

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