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Effect of non-sucrose sweet tasting solution on neonatal heel prick responses.
  1. L. A. Ramenghi,
  2. G. C. Griffith,
  3. C. M. Wood,
  4. M. I. Levene
  1. Division of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Leeds School of Medicine.


    A substance commercially described as 'sugar free,' used as a sweetener for paracetamol suspension, was evaluated on measures of neonatal pain. Sixty infants were randomly allocated to receive one of four solutions before heel stab blood sampling: sterile water (placebo); 25 or 50% sucrose (weight/volume); and the commercial sweet-tasting solution. There was a significant reduction in crying time and pain score 3 minutes after the painful stimulus in all groups compared with the controls. It is concluded that this sweet-tasting solution has analgesic effects as potent as those of concentrated sucrose solutions.

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