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Use of Wigglesworth pathophysiological classification for perinatal mortality in Malaysia.
  1. H. S. Amar,
  2. A. H. Maimunah,
  3. S. L. Wong
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Ipoh Hospital, Perak, Malaysia.


    A one year prospective study of perinatal deaths was conducted to test the feasibility of using the Wigglesworth pathophysiological classification in the Malaysian health service. Four regions with high perinatal mortality rates were selected. Deaths were actively identified. Nursing staff were trained to use the classification and every death was reviewed by a clinician. A total of 26,198 births and 482 perinatal deaths were reported. The perinatal mortality rate was 18.4. Only 14 (2.9%) deaths had their Wigglesworth category reclassified. Most deaths were in the normally formed macerated stillbirths (34.4%), asphyxial conditions (26.8%), and immaturity (20.1%) subgroups. The results were compared with data from other countries that used this classification. This study has shown that the Wigglesworth pathophysiological classification can be applied to perinatal deaths in the existing Malaysian health service.

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