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Does parental presence affect workload during neonatal resuscitation?


Background Parents often prefer being present during neonatal resuscitation and benefit from this experience. We aim to determine if parental presence during neonatal resuscitation affects the perceived workload of healthcare providers.

Methods Perceived workload was measured using the multidimensional retrospective National Aeronautics and Space Administration Task Load Index survey. Over 3 months, healthcare providers were asked to complete a paper and pencil survey following their participation in a neonatal resuscitation. Surveys also collected healthcare providers’ reports of parental presence during resuscitation.

Results 204 surveys were completed. Of these 183 (90%) had complete information about parental presence. Overall workload of healthcare professionals was significantly lower when at least one parent was present (33; 16–47) compared with when no parents were present (46; 29–57) during the resuscitation (p=0.0004).

Conclusion This work supports the presence of parents during neonatal resuscitation. Parental presence during neonatal resuscitation was associated with decreased overall workload experienced by healthcare providers.

  • neonatology
  • nursing care
  • resuscitation

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