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Case of membranous oesophageal atresia
  1. Jia-liang Zhou,
  2. Wu-ping Ge,
  3. Xiao-chun Zhu,
  4. Yuan-long Fang,
  5. Tao Song,
  6. Song Tian
  1. Department of Neonatal Surgery, Guangdong Women and Children Hospital, Guangzhou, China
  1. Correspondence to Wu-ping Ge, Department of Neonatal surgery, Guangdong Women and Children Hospital, Guangzhou 511400, China; gewuping{at}

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A term neonate presented to us with drooling of saliva and frothing from the mouth on day 2 of life. On examination, a 6F gastric tube was passed into the oesophagus, but met with an obstruction 11 cm from the gums. X-ray showed clear lung fields in the chest, absence of gastric shadow and paucity of gas in the abdomen. An oesophageal contrast study with iohexol demonstrated an atretic oesophageal pouch (figure 1). The clinical and radiological findings led to a preoperative …

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