Table 7

ORs for the risk of PDI <70 determined using multiple logistic regression analysis

OR (95% CI)p Value
Gestational age1.007 (0.737 to 1.377)0.96
Birth weight1.00 (0.997 to 1.003)0.98
SGA (yes or no)*1.826 (0.607 to 5.494)0.28
Moderate or severe BPD†1.934 (0.987 to 3.787)0.055
IVH grade 1–22.227 (1.092 to 4.541)0.028
IVH grade 3–43.988 (1.622 to 9.802)0.0026
PVL (yes or no)1.365 (0.476 to 3.914)0.56
NEC4.491 (1.359 to 14.837)0.014
Hydrocortisone given (yes or no)2.303 (1.154 to 4.598)0.018
Bicarbonate given (yes or no)1.311 (0.759 to 2.265)0.33
  • All factors listed in this table were shown to be statistically significant using univariate regression analysis.

  • Adjusted p values from multiple logistic regression model.

  • The c-statistic for this model is 0.75.

  • *SGA defined as birth weight <10th percentile.

  • †BPD according to the trial definition, corresponding to moderate or severe BPD according to the consensus definition.32

  • BPD, bronchopulmonary dysplasia; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; PDI, Psychomotor Developmental Index; PVL, periventricular leukomalacia; SGA, small for gestational age.