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Giant transient pustular melanosis in an infant
  1. Giulia Paloni1,
  2. Mario Cutrone2
  1. 1Department of Pediatrics, Institute for Maternal and Child Health IRCCS “Burlo Garofolo” Trieste, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy
  2. 2Paediatric, “Ospedale dell'ANGELO”, Venice, Italy
  1. Correspondence to Dr Giulia Paloni, Department of Pediatrics, Institute for Maternal and Child Health IRCCS “Burlo Garofolo”, Via dell'Istria 65, Trieste 34100, Italy; giulia.paloni{at}

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An otherwise healthy male newborn infant was admitted directly from the delivery room because of multiple pustular lesions spread throughout the body just after his birth. He was born at term, without perinatal problems. There was no history of maternal infection. Upon physical examination, the infant was afebrile, pink and active, breathing sounds were clear and heart rate was regular. However, multiple giant pustules …

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