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The long term prognosis in intrauterine growth restriction
  1. Dawn-Marie Walker (dawn-marie.walker{at}
  1. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
    1. Neil Marlow (neil.marlow{at}
    1. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


      Within the paediatric literature many studies confuse the outcome for children who are small for their gestational age with the outcome following fetal growth restriction (FGR). By definition, some members of the normal population will be small at birth. As part of the normal distribution - 10% will have birth weight below the 10th percentile. Often secondary to maternal genetic influences, ethnic group or parity, children who are "small normals" may be identified by the use of customised growth charts,[1,2] and there is little evidence to suggest that the long term outcome for these children is likely to be impaired.

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