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Hospital re-admission of late preterm or term infants is not a factor influencing duration of predominant breastfeeding


Objective To determine whether hospital re-admission within the first 2 months of life decreases the odds of predominant breastfeeding.

Design Mothers living in two large healthcare regions of Alberta (population 1 000 000 each) were recruited to participate in this prospective matched cohort study if they delivered a singleton infant between 34 and 41 weeks' gestation and were discharged within 7 days. Re-admitted infants were matched to non-re-admitted infants by site and date of birth. Questionnaires were mailed at 2 months postpartum. Predominant breastfeeding was defined as breastfeeding for at least three feedings per day for the past 7 days.

Results A total of 1798 mothers were eligible for analysis, (n=250 re-admitted, 1548 non-re-admitted). Seventy three per cent (n=1315) reported predominant breastfeeding at 2 months. Infant re-admission (adjusted OR: 1.12, 95% CI 0.8 to 1.55) and late preterm birth were not associated with discontinuation of predominant breastfeeding. The odds of predominantly breastfeeding were two times greater, if mothers' perceptions of talking about breastfeeding with a healthcare provider were positive versus negative. Whereas the odds were decreased for primiparous women (adjusted OR 0.61 95% CI 0.47 to 0.78) and not impacted for multiparous women (OR 0.60 95% CI 0.32 to 1.13) with a negative versus neutral perception of the breastfeeding talk experience.

Conclusions Hospital re-admission and late preterm birth had no significant impact on the odds of predominant breastfeeding beyond 8 weeks post partum whereas the odds were increased with a perception of a positive experience in speaking with a healthcare provider.

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